Sasamoto and students from Yale School of Art Sculpture Department collaborate to present a performance series at Japan Society Gallery.

The physical site of performance is there, has always been there, and will continue to be a host for our performances. We the artists will make this performance a live experience. Without being physically present together. That is the challenge, and a moment of reflection.

Let’s sing together. Physically transport objects. Think about speech patterns. Throw a workout session. All ideas will be exercised within 30 minutes. We will collectively test the idea of live performances, with each collaborator contributing their own prompt.

After each performance, we invite a guest to hold a conversation about what has just happened. Questions will come from the ‘live’ audience.

Participating artists: Armando Cortes, Sae Jun Kim, Erik Nilson, Hyeree Ro, Amina Ross, Audrey Ryan, Aki Sasamoto, Jeenho Seo, Pap Souleye, Lucas Yasunaga, Stella Zhong.

Performance Attempt #3
December 3 at 6 PM EST

Performance made collectively by:
Erik Nilson, Hyeree Ro, Aki Sasamoto, Pap Souleye, Lucas Yasunaga, with contribution by Id.Sus Tech

Conversations overheard:

Erik: Sound was good. Especially when Lucas was plucking over and over again to a crescendo. Perhaps more people can join in the running duet.
Lucas: The connection between the textural sound and the objects can be established early on to have a stronger presence.
Aki: What would be the effective backgrounds and costumes for an overlay?
Erik: Maybe 30% person 1, 30% person 2, 30% color and light? Can I be in a dark place with a light?
Hyeree: It was nice when surfaces were revealed when the tarps were pulled away.
Pap: You guys were connected in the section with objects being passed around. It was magical. I loved Felipe's sculpture.
Audrey: Yes, Felipe's model!
Hyeree: Attempt #1 was about connecting two locations. Attempt #2 was more about individual spaces. It felt more like a zoom frame, reflecting on this current situation.
Aki: An orchestra view can be featured as a thread in the next composition.
Pap: Like jazz. Now that we are all equally spread out in isolation, it will make sense to weave things that way, and have more continuity.
Audrey: Potential of solos and we can let those dive deeper into exploration.
Everybody: Let's keep the stopwatch.
Aki: The model can be Anthony Braxton's March.
Audrey: I cannot be there on the day of, due to my day job, but I would like to somehow contribute a conversation or a story. Making up the story about identities and people moving across boxes.
Hyeree: Nice to have a moment to have a connection between boxes. How about simultaneous happenings in different frames?
Aki: Shall we bring the back stage sound of our zoom communication?
Pap: Process is important. On that note, can we show the tech person?
Erik: My notion of the audience was hardly any. One person or a thousand, we have no idea.
Pap: But give it away!
Lucas: Perhaps I can be in the micro world.