Sasamoto and students from Yale School of Art Sculpture Department collaborate to present a performance series at Japan Society Gallery.

The physical site of performance is there, has always been there, and will continue to be a host for our performances. We the artists will make this performance a live experience. Without being physically present together. That is the challenge, and a moment of reflection.

Let’s sing together. Physically transport objects. Think about speech patterns. Throw a workout session. All ideas will be exercised within 30 minutes. We will collectively test the idea of live performances, with each collaborator contributing their own prompt.

After each performance, we invite a guest to hold a conversation about what has just happened. Questions will come from the ‘live’ audience.

Participating artists: Armando Cortes, Sae Jun Kim, Erik Nilson, Hyeree Ro, Amina Ross, Audrey Ryan, Aki Sasamoto, Jeenho Seo, Pap Souleye, Lucas Yasunaga, Stella Zhong.

Performance Attempt #2
November 19 at 6 PM EST

Performance made collectively by:
Cameron Clayborn, Riley Duncan, Erik Nilson, Hyeree Ro, Audrey Ryan, Aki Sasamoto, Lucas Yasunaga, with contribution by Kevin Hernández Rosa.

Conversations overheard:

@ room #204

Lucas: Thinking back at Performance Attempt #1, accidentally seeing crews and backstage actions/objects is welcomed.
Audrey: YouTube output felt tamed compared to the performers’ frantic experiences.
Erik: Having patterns in 2 locations worked, to connect the spaces. An object can cross the line of the split screen, and may transform into a different object.
Audrey: Besides patterns, we can have different stations as locators: tables or trees in each location.
Lucas: I want to work with sound. Working in proximity to the objects and actions, picking up sound.
Kevin: One section can be purely about sound. Dubbing a dialog or a scene.
Cameron: Sewing something together. Sewing with machines and people holding the fabrics up and keeping it moving.

@ corridor

Riley: I'm down.
Hyeree: I'll perform.

@ Lowe's in CT & Lowe's in NY

Erik: Maybe lighter?
Aki: In the end I always pick a color based on the name.
Erik: How about "New Avocado"?

@ zoom room

Riley: Perhaps something that covers all your frame, a big object, like a scene change. 
Hyeree: Squash!
Aki: Do you have a suggestion for what to hand, Cameron?
Cameron: Mmm, let me see, flowers, of course.